Dozens turn out for Miles City's 'Women's March'

Young and old gathered at Riverside Park in Miles City on Saturday to join the local version of the worldwide Women’s March protest.

The group was estimated at having around 50 participants that included women, men and children. 

Women and men gathered nationwide and worldwide to march peacefully in support of human rights.

Local resident Sarah Pett, the prime organizer of the event in town, came up with the idea to hold a march here for those who couldn’t make it to the one in Helena.

“I had heard from several people who wanted to participate but traveling to Helena wasn’t feasible,” said Pett. “Local action is important.”

The event was put together on short notice, said Pett.

After having several informal conversations she decided on Thursday morning that she would look into what would need to be done to have a march in town. 

Pett along with local resident Hannah Nash began looking into all the details.

Nash was in charge of getting the word out to the community and other Montanans.

According to Nash, her job was, “making sure other Montanans knew we were participating in a sister march, making sure everyone felt invited and welcomed, and making sure that everyone who marched was respectful of the public space.”

Nash used Facebook, email and word of mouth to spread the news of the march. She also helped look up permit codes and print signs. 

“The city currently does not require permits, but I do know that City Hall and the local police department were informed of the march ahead of time and that had there been a permit or fee required, the group was eager to comply,” said Nash. 

According to Miles City Police Chief Doug Colombik, police were notified beforehand and have not received any complaints about the march. 

Pett also registered the event on the national Women’s March website. Once the event was registered the location would show up for anyone looking for a march in Montana.

“I think it was successful,” said Pett. “With such short notice I was hoping for five, I was going to be excited by 10. I was surprised how many people showed up.”

According to the Women’s March website, the marches were in support of reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, worker’s rights, civil rights, disability rights, environmental justice, immigrant rights and ending violence.