Dispatch costs go up for city, county

Dispatch costs for the City of Miles City and Custer County have gone up, one of the few things that have changed in the annual Interlocal Agreement, which the Miles City Council approved Tuesday.

The agreement is set up to share services between the two government entities for the current fiscal year. 

Thursday morning Councilwoman Susanne Galbraith said the county provides 911 services, booking fees and a booking area. 

The city provides services such as animal control, sewer lift station maintenance, water for the Eastern Montana fairgrounds, central dispatch and ambulance services.

The city and county’s costs of running central dispatch has gone up because the 911 board has cut back on the amount it contributes. 

Galbraith said the 911 board was paying $112,000 but has reduced the amount to $56,000 because dispatch currently does not have a 911 manager. She said they are trying to hire one again.

With 911 paying less, the city and county have to come up with more money. This year the county is paying more than $92,000 for dispatch and the city is paying $276,000. 

The county pays for each rural resident call the ambulance goes on. Last year it paid $115 per call and this year it was raised to $145.

Since the new county jail has been built, there is no longer the cost of transporting inmates to Glasgow, so that cost was removed from the agreement. The county still has to sign the agreement.