DEAR ABBY: Stepmom goes a step too far claiming children as her own

Thursday, June 4, 2020

DEAR ABBY: My former husband had an affair years ago, and when our divorce was final, he married the woman he was involved with. I'll call her "Libby."

Although I have moved on, it bothers me when she refers to my children as "her children." I have asked her to stop, but she continues to talk about "her daughter" and "her son" and insists it's a term of endearment and it shouldn't bother me. My children don't like Libby, so if she's trying to get the world to believe they're one big happy family, it isn't working.

I think it's rude of her to insist on telling people that these are her children. It's as if Libby not only took my husband, but she's also claiming to be the mother of my children. How should I handle this wretched person who refuses to get it? - REAL MOM IN KENTUCKY

DEAR MOM: Libby gets it, and she may persist in doing it in order to get your goat. But this is not a battle you should pick. It's possible "Stepmom" may simply be trying to acknowledge her role in the parenting equation.