DEAR ABBY Pregnant worker worries

Advice Columnist

DEAR ABBY: A few months ago, I informed my bosses I was pregnant. Within a week, they were trying to fire me and blame it on other things at work that made no sense and hadn’t been issues before.

I spoke with a co-worker who told me she had a similar experience. A couple weeks later, I miscarried and everything at work went back to normal.

Last week, I learned I’m pregnant again. My husband and I are excited, but I’m scared to tell my bosses. 

When should I tell them about my upcoming arrival? And is there anything I can do to protect my job? I have been looking for employment elsewhere, but haven’t found anything yet. I need this job or else I would have already left it. — SCARED IN UTAH

DEAR SCARED: Pregnancy is a natural condition and you should not be punished for it. The first thing you should do is document everything that happened during your first pregnancy. Be sure to include what your co-worker told you, and how after your miscarriage all your problems disappeared. Then schedule an appointment with an attorney to ask how you can protect yourself.