DEAR ABBY: Mother-in-law pleads for more modesty while breastfeeding

Thursday, November 29, 2018

DEAR ABBY: My daughter-in-law insists on not covering my granddaughter while she’s breastfeeding in public and allows the baby to nurse with her breast partially exposed (although the nipple is not visible). I’m concerned this may have affected my son’s employment because she did it at a company-sponsored event, and he was let go a month afterward. His employers told him he “wasn’t fitting in.”

How can I get across to her that although the public breastfeeding movement is growing, it still isn’t acceptable everywhere, and she should exercise her judgment based on the situation? — DISCREET IN THE EAST

DEAR DISCREET: You are correct that breastfeeding in public is gaining acceptance. There is nothing wrong with it. While you might mention your concerns to her, allow me to point out that there may have been other reasons your son was let go from his job. And one of them may have been that, indeed, he — not she — didn’t fit in.



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