DEAR ABBY: In-law’s questions about weight makes reader uncomfortable

Friday, September 27, 2019

Dear Abby

DEAR ABBY: This is hard to write. My mother-in-law constantly asks me how much I weigh, expecting me to give her an honest answer. I have been saying that my medical information is private, but she continues to ask, even going so far as to ask other people if they know my weight. She wheedles me for confidential health data every single time I see her.

Is she trying to steal my medical ID? Telling her it’s private won’t keep her from asking again. It really makes me not want to visit her anymore. Any ideas? — PRIVATE INFO IN THE SOUTH

DEAR PRIVATE: Neither of us knows the intent behind your mother-in-law’s persistence. She may think you are too thin or overweight and be trying to open an unwelcome conversation on the subject.

You asked me for ideas, and I do have several:

1. Turn the tables and ask HER, “Why do you keep asking me that? It’s making me uncomfortable.”

2. Say, “My weight is my business, not yours.”

3. Tell her the next time she mentions your weight will be the last time she sees you.

DEAR ABBY: We have a large break room at work where we gather to have lunch. Usually there are six to eight nurses gathering at one time. Sometimes we bring lunch from home; other times we order out individually.

One co-worker constantly helps herself to others’ food without it being offered. Example: If you order fries with your lunch, she will reach over and grab some off your plate without asking. It makes the rest of us uncomfortable. We feel it is rude and unsanitary. How do we politely ask her to stop doing this? — HUNGRY NURSES

DEAR HUNGRY: Politely ask? Politely TELL the woman you don’t want her removing food from your plates without permission. And if she does it again, use your fork to “discourage” her, and I’ll bet it won’t happen again.