DEAR ABBY: Individual feels overlooked by friends and co-workers

Friday, July 16, 2021

DEAR ABBY: I often feel left out. This past weekend on Facebook I saw two coworkers and a former coworker went on a weekend getaway. I wasn’t invited. Should I retaliate, or must I act like it doesn’t bother me? This isn’t the first time friends and co-workers have done things like this. I’ll comment on their post — “looks like fun” — but never get invited. How should I feel about this and what should I do? — OVERLOOKED IN MINNESOTA

DEAR OVERLOOKED: What you should “do” is recognize that your co-workers are not obligated to include you in anything outside of work. They may have mutual interests that bring them together, or chemistry that they don’t have with you. Instead of fuming and fantasizing about “retaliating” (which would be uncalled for and inappropriate), form relationships outside this circle of co-workers and friends, and do things on weekends for yourself that are satisfying. If you do, you will be less dependent upon these individuals and less disappointed if your relationships with them aren’t as close as you wish they were.



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