DEAR ABBY: Elderly dog-walker gives his neighbor the creeps

Friday, April 30, 2021

DEAR ABBY: I am a 34-year-old woman. I live in a ground floor unit in an apartment complex with my terrier-collie mix, who is a very good judge of character.

An elderly neighbor has a habit of walking his German shepherd by my unit. My dog does not like the man and barks ferociously every time he hears them. What unsettles me is that something seems off about him, and his behavior is becoming intrusive.

The couple of times he has seen me outside, he has asked me if I live “all alone” or comments that he “hasn’t seen my boyfriend around in a long time.” He peers into my window when he walks and lingers, despite my growling and snarling dog. I tried closing the blinds, but now he comes to my door and knocks. I haven’t answered because he makes me feel unsafe.

I want to confront him, but I’m not sure what to say. It’s also happening right in front of the building I live in, which makes me nervous. What should I do? — WARY IN WASHINGTON

DEAR WARY: The person you describe may be more lonely — or nosy — than dangerous. You can’t stop someone from walking his dog past your front door if that is where the exit is located. Talk to your other neighbors and ask if he has a history of doing this with them.

If he knocks on your door again, tell him you are busy and don’t like being disturbed and to stop doing it. If he asks any more personal questions or comments again about your boyfriend’s absence, tell him your social life is none of his business. If it will make you feel more secure, install security cameras in your apartment, and if you catch him peering into your windows again, tell him you have him on camera and you will report him not only to building management but also the police.



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