DEAR ABBY: Adult children fail to warm to stepdad of eight years

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

DEAR ABBY: I was married for 19 years and have three adult daughters from that marriage. I remarried eight years ago to a woman who has two adult children. My relationship with them is not good, in spite of my efforts to engage them in basic conversation. She told me recently that neither one of them likes me. In fact, she has suggested I just say hello and goodbye and leave it at that.

I’m not sure what I am supposed to do with this information. I don’t think at this point in my life (age 66) I’m interested in changing myself to coax anybody to like me. I’m irritated with my wife for telling me her kids don’t like me. If any of my daughters said, “I don’t like your wife,” I wouldn’t mention it to her because I know she wouldn’t want to go with me to visit them. My desire to visit either of her kids is now nonexistent. Your thoughts? — UNLIKED IN OHIO

DEAR UNLIKED: I think it is interesting that your wife didn’t tell you WHY her children don’t like you, or if she did, that you didn’t elaborate. Under the circumstances, your reaction is understandable, so stay home and enjoy yourself while your wife visits them. If you do, I suspect you will all be happier.