Custer Co. Fire responds to haystack, grass fires

Derrick Calhoun Star Staff Writer
Tuesday, August 2, 2022

The Custer County Fire Department (CCFD) kept busy over the weekend responding to three fires.

As conditions continue to get dryer throughout the summer, the danger and likelihood of fires continues to increase.

CCFD responded to two different haystack fires on Friday. One was located on Bitterroot Road and the other was located on Silo-Loop Road.

According to Custer County Fire Warden Cory Cheguis, both haystack fires were caused by spontaneous combustion. Cheguis added that the area sees around five hay stack fires caused by spontaneous combustion every year.

Cheguis added that between the two fires until were on site for around eight hours. He added that CCFD left a fire tender at the Siloloop Road site for 16 hours.

CCFD also responded to a grass fire Sunday at mile marker 139.

The fire, according to Cheguis, was started after the transmission of a Jeep exploded, catching fire. Metal from the transmission was sent into the grass on the side of the road, starting the fire.

There is a red flag warning in effect today until 9 p.m. due to low humidity and high winds in the area raising the chances of fires. During the red flag warning Custer County Fire is suggesting extreme caution to the public during any outdoor activity. They suggest watching chains, not throwing cigarette butts out of vehicles and considering postponing any crop harvesting activity.

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