Crazy Days sales, activities will spill onto Main Street

Denise Hartse
Star Staff Writer

Crazy Days are coming to Miles City on Friday and Saturday, July 21-22. Many local participating businesses will have some crazy specials and sales. 

Because some of those sales are to big to stay inside, the 800 block of Main Street will be closed to vehicle traffic from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day and merchants will be setting up tables in the street.

“Some of those sales will be so big, they will spill into the street,” said Terri Newby, executive assistant of the Miles City Area Chamber of Commerce. She added that the Miles City Saddlery staff will move some racks into the street and around 12 vendors from Vintage & Rustics also will have their wares for sale on Main Street.

Vendors will move their items off Main Street each evening and the 800 block will reopen to vehicle traffic by 6 p.m. both days.

To help make Crazy Days even more fun, the Miles City Area Chamber of Commerce is inviting local nonproift organizations to join in the festivities by setting up tables and activities, free of charge, in the section of Main Street closed to vehicle traffic or in front of businesses along Main Street. To set up a table in front of a business, nonprofit members must get permission from that business.

“Currently we have 21 businesses participating in Crazy Days,” said Newby. “Any business or nonprofit group in town is welcome to participate in this year’s Crazy Days. Just call us at the chamber office, 234-2890, or drop by 511 Pleasant St. and let us know before July 21.”