Couple find kindness in MC after accident

Friday, August 2, 2019


Friday, July 12th my husband and I stopped in Miles City for fuel and lunch while traveling on vacation. After lunch we headed east on I-94, pulling our 27 foot travel trailer. At mile marker 246, in spite only traveling at approximately 65 mph, coming down the hill our trailer started dancing behind us, clipped the guard rail ad turned over, pulling our Suburban with it. According to some first responders who just happened to be driving behind us when we flipped three times. Thanks to our seat belts and air bags, we survived with only minor bruises and abrasions.

What I want to tell you, and hope you will print this letter in your paper, is that with all the stress we were going through, the people we met in Miles City were the most friendly, helpful people we’ve ever met. In addition to the first responders and ambulance people, Brad and Elliot, we were tended to by an excellent staff at Holy Rosary Medical Center including but not limited to Dr. Andewrson, Luke the PA, Dorothy the chaplain, and numerous nurse, etc. whose names escape me. When we were released, State Patrol Officer Howell was kind enough to bring several important items that were found in the wreckage to us and then gave us a ride to a motel. After checking in we took a taxi, Badlands Taxi to Walmart because we didn’t have any clean, undamaged clothes to change into, not to mention toiletries.  Annette at Walmart was also very helpful. We took another taxi from Walmart and the driver drove us to the location where our car and what was left of the trailer had been towed by Autobody Solutions & Towing. There the owner, Shane let us have a look and agree to have someone there the next day to allow us to clean out our car, which was totaled, and salvage whatever we could from the trailer, even though they usually are not open on Saturday.  

On Saturday, a young woman who worked at the tow yard met us and spent several hours in the withering heat helping us go through the rubble and helping us gather up and stow whatever we could find that wasn’t destroyed in the U-Haul truck we had rented to return to Colorado in.  

We travel a lot but never in all our travels have we met a nicer, friendlier, more considerate bunch of people then the ones we met in Miles City. We plan to return sometime just to visit, hopefully without all the drama.

Lynda and Jim Vitale

Johnston, Colorado



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