County receives CDBG grant to create capital improvement plan

Custer County has received a $30,000 Community Development Block Grant from the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development. The money will be used to create a Capital Improvement Plan.

Commission Chairman Kevin Krausz said they originally applied for a $50,000 grant when they applied earlier in the summer. The county will provide approximately $10,000 in matching funds.

Commissioner Jason Strouf explained that the county is creating the plan primarily to assist in applying for grants. “A lot of grants score you on having a CIP in place,” he said. Having that plan will improve the county’s chances when applying for grants that are scored that way.

The commissioners plan to hire a consulting firm for the work. There are several firms in the state that perform that type of work.

Commissioner Keith Holmlund said that the CIP serves “as a target that is out there” for long-term capital investments, such as expensive heavy equipment, adding “we can adjust the priorities” as needed.