A Christmas Stroll


Christmas is a special time of year in Miles City, and from Black Friday through New Years Day the celebration is nearly non-stop. Church services. Concerts. Plays. Dances,  charity auctions and parties. Christmas teas and Christmas shopping and Christmas tree-lighting ceremonies. And Santa Claus is seeminly everywhere. It all starts with the Christmas Stroll, the annual Christmas kickoff for Miles City sponsored by the Miles City Area Chamber of Commerce. Photos from the event, taken by Star photographer Sharon Moore, are shown here.


‘Grandma Assaults A Reindeer!’

— by Mike Bowman


Reindeer running over Grandma was just a ruse

Her side of the story’s what you call fake news!


But you’ll be sure to think that it is quite a pity,

What really happened on a ranch by Miles City.


So to all my little elves, from Kris Kringle

Here’s a much more true and factual jingle.


I saw what happened to our reindeer Jangle,

And how his legs ended up in such a tangle!


Seems he spotted some delicious-looking hay,

When delivering presents out along our way.


He left the sleigh and headed for the stack,

That’s when Grandma’s carbine gave a crack.


Thought she was bagging Christmas dinner,

Good thing she didn’t come out the winner!


Guess it’s a common joke among the locals,

She can hardly see through those bifocals.


Jangle was so scared by her next gunfire,

He got all twisted up in some baling wire.


So she pounced on him as an easy catch.

What started then was a wrestling match.


Good thing her eyes were rather dim,

Cuz I had to come down and rescue him.


As I quickly loaded him into the sleigh

He just kept complaining all the way.


It was a very long ride toward home,

He didn’t quiet down until just over Nome.


So because of that crusty octogenarian,

Poor Jangle’s now at the veterinarian!


(December, 2017)