Cash for Candy benefits local kids, soldiers

Star Staff Writer

Hogan Family Dental of Miles City gathered 94 pounds of Halloween candy, and paid out $90 to the generous kids who donated it, during their annual Cash for Candy collection.

All children who participated received a free toothbrush and a sugar-free lollipop. The biggest donation the dental office received was a whopping 12 pounds, 14 ounces.

Dr Eric Hogan, and his wife Dr. Robin Hogan, have been partnering with the Kinsey 4H for the Military club to send the donated candy to soldiers stationed overseas for the past 10 years. 

The candy that was donated this year was weighed and children were paid $1 per pound. A few declined to accept payment for doing their good deed. 

“We like doing this because it not only helps raise awareness about sugar consumption, and having both balance and moderation, but it helps kids learn to give back,” Robin Hogan said.

She said she think kids should definitely enjoy some candy, but cautions that a candy sandwich for breakfast would be a bit much.

Once the candy is donated it gets picked up by the 4H club, which sends it in care packages to the soldiers. Club members also write letters to each of the soldiers, thanking them for their service. 

Lori Raisler, who heads the effort for the Kinsey 4H, said she loves the simple, often humorous messages the kids write to the soldiers.

“The kids enjoy doing it, and we just love being able to show some appreciation to our soldiers overseas. Especially local families” she said.

Anyone interested in donating time or money to help send the care packages to the troops can call Raisler at 406-852-3121.
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