Campbell outlines CCSD's goals for new school year

At Tuesday’s meeting of the Miles City Unified Board of Trustees Superintendent Keith Campbell laid out his goals for the district for the 2016-17 school year.

 The list was broken down into six sections: budgeting, curriculum and assessment, leadership, job descriptions, recruitment and retention, and facility and district maintenance.

Under budgeting the major discussion item was the school bus depreciations.

According to Campbell they are looking to replace activity bus No. 3 and have already found two possible repleacments. Those buses are located in New Jersey and Los Angeles. 

Under leadership the district is aiming to provide mentorship for new principals.  For his part, Campbell plans to be more visible in each of the school buildings.

Campbell said he would like to get to all of the buildings each week, get to know the staff and observe the classrooms. 

The district is also working on items for the upcoming legislative session.

On the district’s agenda is support for public school funding, teacher recruitment bills, money for school infrastructure, and more. 

The upcoming year will also include work on updating current job descriptions.

Lincoln Elementary Principal John Gorton is currently working on the updates.

According to Campbell the district would like to make recruitment and retention a priority.

In the past, they’ve started recruiting earlier, which Campbell said has helped.

Working toward retention of employees, district officials plan to re-evaluate their employee mentoring program. They plan to conduct a survey at the end of the year for feedback.

In the coming year the district has identified a list of infrastructure projects.

The list includes roofing at Highland Park Elementary, cameras at all elementary schools, and updating the fire alarm system at Highland Park.

Other planned infrastructure improvments include replacing the sanitary storm drain at Custer County District High School, replacing the exterior stairs at Lincoln Elementary School, and more. 

Considering the district’s budget restraints, Campbell said he would be pleased to complete two or three of the projects.