Box Office Top 10: ‘Black Panther’ bests ‘Tomb Raider’


NEW YORK (AP) — The MGM-Warner Bros. reboot "Tomb Raider" couldn't dethrone "Black Panther" at the weekend box office in U.S. and Canada theaters, as Ryan Coogler's superhero sensation stayed No. 1 for the fifth straight weekend.

Disney's "Black Panther" grossed $26.7 million in ticket sales over the weekend, according to final studio figures Monday. In five weeks, "Black Panther" has steadily climbed up the ranks of biggest modern blockbusters, with $605 million thus far domestically. Not since 2009's "Avatar" has a movie topped the box office five straight weekends.

"Tomb Raider," starring Alicia Vikander, failed to rekindle the dormant video-game franchise. The $90 million film debuted in second with $23.6 million. But it fared better overseas, where it grossed $84.5 million, including $41.1 million in China.

The surprise of the weekend was the Lionsgate-Roadside Attractions Christian drama "I Can Only Imagine," which grossed $17.1 million on about 1,700 screens. The film, which co-stars Dennis Quaid and Cloris Leachman, cost only $7 million to make. It stars J. Michael Finley as the singer behind one of the most popular Christian songs, by the band MercyMe.

Twentieth Century Fox's "Love, Simon," the first film from a major Hollywood studio featuring a gay teen protagonist, opened with $11.8 million and an A-plus CinemaScore from audiences.

The top 10 movies at U.S. and Canadian theaters Friday through Sunday, followed by distribution studio, gross, number of theater locations, average receipts per location, total gross and number of weeks in release, as compiled Sunday by comScore:

1. "Black Panther," Disney, $26,650,690, 3,834 locations, $6,951 average, $605,027,218, 5 Weeks.

2. "Tomb Raider," Warner Bros., $23,633,317, 3,854 locations, $6,132 average, $23,633,317, 1 Week.

3. "I Can Only Imagine," Roadside Attractions, $17,104,797, 1,739 locations, $9,836 average, $17,104,797, 1 Week.

4. "A Wrinkle In Time," Disney, $16,256,879, 3,980 locations, $4,085 average, $60,751,533, 2 Weeks.

5. "Love, Simon," 20th Century Fox, $11,756,244, 2,402 locations, $4,894 average, $11,756,244, 1 Week.

6. "Game Night," Warner Bros., $5,602,230, 2,686 locations, $2,086 average, $54,206,414, 4 Weeks.

7. "Peter Rabbit," Sony, $5,201,647, 2,725 locations, $1,909 average, $102,441,915, 6 Weeks.

8. "Strangers: Prey At Night," Aviron Pictures, $4,701,089, 2,464 locations, $1,908 average, $18,503,141, 2 Weeks.

9. "Red Sparrow," 20th Century Fox, $4,531,187, 2,583 locations, $1,754 average, $39,664,829, 3 Weeks.

10. "Death Wish," MGM, $3,368,565, 2,676 locations, $1,259 average, $29,950,250, 3 Weeks.