BHLAC members discuss parenting and MHFA classes at their November meeting


Behavioral Health Local Advisory Council (BHLAC) members met Thursday noon, Nov. 2, in Holy Rosary Healthcare room 3.

During the meeting, Jennifer Winkely reported that the free online Common Sense Parenting classes have started statewide and eight people have signed up for them. Also, the Youth Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training class was scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, Nov. 14, and Wednesday morning, Nov. 15. Nicole Bergman was to be the presenter, according to a news release from BHLAC.

Winkley added that a Broadus Youth Mental Health First Aid training class will be held in Broadus in December. A class also may be held in the summer. She will present an update at the group’s December meeting on Thursday.

Antonia Klein and Jeanne Vetch discussed the Kindness Rock Project. They reported that supplies have been purchased, but suitable rocks need to be gathered. The Youth Dynamics group members have decided to join the awareness events. They developed their logo for the rocks and will display them at their office.

Klein plans to contact Karl Rosston, suicide prevention coordinator, closer to spring to schedule a time for him to do a presentation. Discussions were held about having Jim Hajny come to Miles City to present a recovery workshop for providers. 

She also discussed the Montana Peer Network efforts and the growth of the peer movement in Montana. She added that she would send the link for the Montana Peer Network’s Facebook page to LAC members.

Klein reported that she had asked whether Holy Rosary Healthcare (HRH) might be interested in providing MHFA training to nursing students at Miles Community College. Kline will provide contact information to Marybeth Squires at HRH to get plans started for a class in the spring.

Andrew Donnelly discussed upcoming research that will be initiated with teens who attend the Let’s Talk Miles City (LTMC) group. He is working with Professor Keller of Montana State University-Billings and Dr. Al-Hafez of the Global Health Equity Foundation, catalysts behind suicide prevention efforts for youth in rural Montana. Discussions were held about the history and growth of LTMC in Miles City and Billings.

Vetch reported about the supplies that had been purchased for rock painting.

The next BHLAC meeting will be Thursday at noon in conference room 3 at Holy Rosary Healthcare.