Aug. 23 Only in America

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Tweet over deli packaging gets gov’s attention, and a change

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — A supermarket customer’s tweet on stickers placed over the opening of bagged deli meats got the attention of New Hampshire’s governor, and a change. NH1 reports Londonderry Town Manager Kevin Smith recently took to Twitter to ask that the company, Market Basket, not put the price tag stickers over the zipper of the meat bag. He said it’s impossible to open it without destroying the bag.Gov. Chris Sununu responded, saying he has to re-bag cheese every time because of the problem. Market Basket answered that it would speak to its deli departments about it. On Tuesday, both Smith and Sununu tweeted that the stickers were moved to the bag itself. Sununu said he was celebrating with grilled cheese for dinner.

Family sickened from eating meal of wild ‘vomiter’ mushrooms

ANNANDALE, Va. (AP) — Members of a family in northern Virginia fell ill and needed hospital attention after eating a meal containing wild mushrooms picked near their apartment complex. The Washington Post reported Wednesday that they experienced vomiting and stomach pains a few hours after eating the mushrooms. Fairfax County Fire officials say poison control and crews from the fire department scoured around the Annandale apartment complex, finding mushrooms in a courtyard in a bid to identify them. For confirmation, they sent pictures of the mushrooms to family members as they were being treated at a hospital. The mushrooms are known as “Chlorophyllum molybdites” or green spored Lepiota — also called the “vomiter.” Officials say the mushrooms are a severe gastrointestinal irritant when eaten, but do not cause liver failure or death.