Aug. 15 Only in America

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Dozens of exotic pets, many dead, found in Ames apartment

AMES, Iowa (AP) — Officials in central Iowa say they have seized more than three dozen exotic pets and found another 60-plus dead in an Ames apartment. Ames Animal Control and Shelter officials tell the Des Moines Register that it’s one of the worst animal-hoarding cases they’ve seen. Among the animals found Tuesday were fish, various lizards, chinchillas, parakeets, cockatiels, small rodents, frogs and snakes. Animal control supervisor Ron Edwards says the smell of animal waste and decaying carcasses in the apartment was overwhelming. Workers found 41 live animals and more than 60 dead. Edwards says many of the animals had no access to food or water, and some of the live animals were sharing containers with dead ones. It was unclear whether any charges are pending. The shelter is closed until Thursday while staff process and care for the animals.

Sharks off Cape Cod lead to reroute of longtime charity swim

PROVINCETOWN, Mass. (AP) — An increase in the number of great white sharks around Cape Cod has forced a longtime Massachusetts charity swim race to be rerouted. The Cape Cod Times reports that Cape Cod National Seashore officials have denied a permit for the 32nd annual Swim for Life & Paddler Flotilla. The race was originally slated to start off Long Point Beach in Provincetown Harbor. Agency superintendent Brian Carlstrom says starting the race there isn’t in line with the organization’s “sharksmart” principles. Carlstrom says the agency made the decision out of an abundance of caution. The rerouted Sept. 7 race will be closer to shore. The state’s first fatal shark attack in 80 years occurred last September off Cape Cod. Another man was seriously injured in an attack last August.