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Monday, August 12, 2019

Delaware fire kills about 60 pet snakes kept throughout home

DOVER, Del. (AP) — A fire department official says dozens of pet snakes died when a blaze ripped through a home in Delaware. The Delaware News Journal reports that no people were injured in the fire that broke out Sunday morning in Dover. The homeowner told firefighters that approximately 60 snakes were in the house. All of them are believed to be dead. There was no immediate word on what kinds of snakes were being kept in the home. Deputy Chief Michael O’Connor Jr. of the Dover Fire Department says the snakes were kept in bedrooms throughout the house. O’Connor says the fire apparently started in the kitchen and caused extensive damage to the house.

Leasing dogs and cats is prohibited under new law

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signed into law a bill that bars pet dealers from leasing dogs and cats. The first-term Democrat signed the measure on Friday and called the leasing of pets “predatory.” The bill’s sponsors say the measure was necessary because some pet dealers will enter into lease agreements to make highpriced pets seem more affordable to consumers. Democratic Assemblyman John Armato says that’s not the case and that lease deals result in consumers paying pay more over time than the retail price of the pet. On top of that, he says, the person might not fully own the dog or cat.

Baby rhino gets a mud wallow

SAN DIEGO (AP) — The San Diego Zoo Safari Park has given its new baby rhino a chance to do what all kids love: play in the mud. The zoo says Edward, a 13-day-old southern white rhino, got his first chance Friday to experience a wallow in the mud — something rhinos do to keep cool and protect themselves from sun and bugs. Keepers created the wallow. They say Edward watched his mother roll in the mud and quickly figured out what to do. They also weighed Edward. He clocked in at 215 pounds — a gain of 67 pounds since his birth on July 28 at a rescue center. Edward also is the first southern white rhino to be born from artificial insemination in North America. There are about 18,000 in the wild.