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Man sues ex-boss after ‘pocket dial’ cost him his job

ATLANTA (AP) — A man who lost his job is suing his former boss for listening in on a conversation over the phone after the man accidentally “pocket-dialed” his boss. James Stephens was talking to his wife in 2016 about his boss, Georgia Subsequent Injury Trust Fund Director Mike Coan, who is a former state lawmaker. At the time, Stephens didn’t realize that he had pocketdialed Coan, who could hear the conversation. Not liking what he had heard, Coan told Stephens he could resign or be fired. Stephens has now filed a lawsuit, arguing that Coan knew he’d been inadvertently pocket-dialed, but continued to listen to the conversation, violating Stephens’ privacy. Coan says he is immune from Georgia’s eavesdropping law because he was acting as a state employee.

What a delivery! Pizza driver comes to rescue in house fire

SOMERSET, Ky. (AP) — A Kentucky pizza deliveryman’s customer service was on fire. Literally. Donatos Pizza driver Ralph Letner was delivering pizza Sunday night when he saw a home on fire. He ran inside, shut off the breaker which stopped the electrical fire, and found homeowner Jesse Decker trying to put out flames. Decker says Letner is a hero for saving his life. A woman also escaped unharmed. Letner wasn’t even supposed to be working, having stayed past his shift because it was busy.

Maine petting zoo is site of first reindeer birth in years

WINSLOW, Maine (AP) — A traveling Maine petting zoo says its reindeer has given birth to the first baby reindeer in the state in more than 20 years. Pony X-Press co-owner Ed Papsis says the female calfwas born on Easter Sunday. There are no wild reindeer left in Maine, and Pony X-Press has the only domesticated ones in the state. It once had the only reindeer in Maine, an 18-year-old female named Freeway that died in 2016. It now has one male and four females. Attempts to reintroduce reindeer to the wild in Maine in the past haven’t succeeded.