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Couple wed where they met: Aisle 13 in the supermarket

LOWER BURRELL, Pa. (AP) — Attention all shoppers: wedding in Aisle 13. A couple who met at a supermarket have tied the knot there with canned carrots and peas among their wedding guests. The Valley News Dispatch reported Larry Spiering, 69, and Becky Smith, 61, married Sunday at the Community Supermarket in Lower Burrell, where they met 10 years ago. Smith said she was working at the supermarket when Spiering walked up and gave her a piece of paper with his name and phone number on it. She said it was only fitting that they married in the aisle where they met. The judge who performed the ceremony said it was his first wedding at a grocery store. Store owner George Thimons said he was glad to accommodate the couple.

Judge rejects workers comp for paralegal’s softball injury

DOVER, Del. (AP) — A Delaware judge says a paralegal injured while playing on his law firm’s softball team is not entitled to workers’ compensation. The judge ruled late last week that Delaware’s Industrial Accident Board erred in concluding that William Weller ruptured his Achilles tendon during the course and scope of his work for Morris James, a Wilmington-based law firm. Weller argued that Morris James employees were pressured into playing on the softball team. The judge said participation was voluntary and there was no evidence that playing softball was a job requirement. The judge also said the board erred in concluding that Morris James received a substantial, direct benefit from its softball team in the way of increased productivity. The firm said softball games were intended to boost employee health, morale and camaraderie.

Cookies that made day care staff feel high were drug-free

BANGOR, Maine (AP) — Officials say cookies dropped off at a Maine day care center that staff members complained made them feel high contained no illicit substances. About a dozen staff members at Watch Me Shine day care in Bangor reported feeling intoxicated Feb. 14 after they ate Valentine’s Day cookies dropped off by a parent. Police seized the remaining cookies for testing. Sgt. Wade Betters said Monday that none of the cookies tested positive for controlled substances. Police don’t know what caused the staff to feel funny and say no charges are pending. The day care now prohibits outside food for children and staff, and no children ate the cookies.