April 24 Business Briefs

Academic: Ex-Cambridge Analytica CEO lied

LONDON (AP) — A professor at Cambridge University in London who is at the heart of the ongoing and controversial Facebook privacy scandal says that the former CEO of the data firm Cambridge Analytica lied to a British parliamentary committee that is investigating fake news. Academic Aleksandr Kogan’s high-tech research company, London-based Global Science Research, developed a Facebook app that vacuumed up information from users, and didn’t stop there. It also gathered additional data from their Facebook friends. Ex-employees of Cambridge Analytica say the company used that data from millions of users to help Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential election campaign. Company officials deny the charges of the former workers. Kogan told the Parliament’s media committee on Tuesday that Cambridge Analytica’s former CEO, Alexander Nix, lied when he testified about the work the pair conducted. When asked by committee chair Damian Collins about Nix’s testimony that none of his data came from Global Science Research, Kogan disagreed. “That’s a fabrication,” he said.