Annual Badlands Bowl in North Dakota

The 22nd Annual Badlands Bowl is set to kick-off on June 18 at the Henry Biesiot Activities Center in Dickinson North Dakota.

This week the Montana team is busy practicing in Miles City, for their up coming game.

The Badlands Bowl was originally started by the Reid brothers, trying to decide whose state’s football program was better, so they decided to have a game to find out.

“The seniors that are really good are selected to be on this team, it’s a privilege,” said Jaden Senger.

To date Montana has won 16 games and North Dakota has won six. Jaden Senger was chosen for CCDHS to play on the Montana team. He is hoping that Montana continues the tradition of winning.

“The whole experience has been amazing,” said Senger. “It’s really good experience to get better in college.” The athletes are currently practicing three times a day, to get ready for the game.

Senger has had an adjustment to the different coaching styles, but says that is another benefit for him going into his college career. The Cowboys Offensive Line Coach Kevin McAuliffe was chosen as the OL Coach for the Bandlands Bowl. This is the first game that McAuliffe has helped coach.

“It’s fun. It’s a whole lot of fun because there are kids who are just phenomenal athletes,” said McAuliffe.  “There are coach who are just so, so seasoned with the game, it’s been a blast.”

McAuliffe is working with seven athletes from across the state and he is really enjoying doing it.

“They are great kids, they listen,” said McAuliffe.

The coaches meet everyday planning on what they will run with their athletes and how they want to go about their day. They are learning to work together as a coaching team, just like the kids are learning to work together as a team.

The kids from across the state are staying in the MCC dorms, and different organizations across the city are putting together meals for all the kids and the coaches.

“It’s been fun and I’m looking forward to hitting the road,” said McAuliffe.

The 2016 Montana coaches are Chad Ross (Whitefish) Head Coach; Eric May (Whitefish); Matt Johnson (Missoula Big Sky); Kevin McAuliffe (Miles City); Les Meyer (Fairfield); and Greg Hardy (Fairview).

The North Dakota coaches are Ron Wingenbach (Century)Head Coach; Rob Breitbach (Century); John Freeman (Richland); Cory Volk (Century); Jim Dooley (Beulah); and Tim Fletcher (Century).


Montana Roster


7  Luke May  Whitefish

9  Dane Warp  Harve



21  Thomas Trenfney  Kalispell Glacier

23  Sam Sparks  Billings Senior



5  Payton Lafrentz  Dillon

3  Michael Jobman  Huntley Project

11  Will Hunthausen  Helena Capital

13  Karl Tucker  Great Falls CMR

81  Ben Hardy  Fairview

83  Nate Simkins  Dilon



51  Alec Akina  Bozeman



61  Levi Stovall  Billings West

63  Jake Rebish  Missoula Sentinal

71  Micah Holt-Seavy  Billings Central

73  Jaden Senger  Miles City

75  Noah Danielson  Great Falls CMR

77  Devin Maua  Billings Senior



53  Derek Marks  Belgrade

55  Chaffin Ross  Whitefish

57  Cole Rosling  Helena Capital



65  Joel Beck  Fairfield

67  Trace Bradshaw  Bozeman



41  Payton O’Reilly  Bozeman

43  Trase Letexier  Boulder

45  Jace Lewis  Townsend

3  Michael Jobman  Huntley Project

49  Kyle Schulte  Butte Central

35  Riley Lamb  Helena Captial



19  Brian FauntLeRoy  Whitefish

25  Will Martel  Bozeman

27  Sean Opland  Troy



29  Caleb Jones  Kalispell Glacier

31  Alec Steele  Missoula Sentinel

33  Jacob Hadley  Billings Central

47  Jered Padmos  Boulder



47  Jered Padmos  Boulder


North Dakota Roster










10  Creighton Pfau  6’3  190  QB  DB  West Fargo

12  Ben Bolinske  6’0  180  QB  DB  Minot High

14  Carson  Zarak  5’11  180  QB  DB  Wahpeton

16  Gabe Meschke  5’10  155  WR  DB  Mandan

18  Noah Wanzek  6’4  180  WR  DB  Jamestown High

20  Jarad Zittleman  5’10  170  WR  DB  Mandan

22  Ty Jochim  5’10  195  RB  LB  Fargo Davies

24  Logan Bischof  5’11  150  WR  DB  Minot High

26  Zeb Doe  6’1  220  FB  LB  Killdeer

28  Talon Staudinger  6’0  170  WR  S  Bismarck Century

30  Logan Stiening  6’4  195  TE  LB  Fargo South

32  Zach Sweep  6’2  210  WR  LB  Bismarck Century

34  Denver Colgrove  6’0  185  RB  S  Richardton-Taylor

36  Kevin Vanderpan  6’1  190  WR  LB  Bismarck Century

38  Hayden Norton  5’11  177  OL  LB  Beulah

40  Brayden Thomas  6’3  230  OL  DE  Bismarck High

42  Casey Uhler  6’3  200  TE  LB  Bismarck St. Mary’s

44  Jake Weidner  6’3  220  LB  TE  Dickinson High

46  Nick Miller  6’2  200  RB  DE  Mandan

48  Jake Sanders  6’0  205  FB  LB  Bismarck High

52  Cordell Volson  6’6  235  OL  DE  Drake/Anamoose

56  Riley Gerding  5’10  230  OL  DL  Mandan

60  Tristan Hall  6’2  290  OL  DL  Bismarck High

64  Zach Kubas  6’5  240  OL  DL  Dickinson Trinity

66  Jacob Copenhaver  6’2  240  OL  DL  Carrington

68  Drew Heiser  6’2  250  OL  DL  Dickinson High

70  Cale Dunwoody  6’3  225  OL  DL  Fargo South

72  Tyson Lytle  6’3  310  OL  DL  Fargo South

74  Dual Keck  6’0  280  OL  DL  Dickinson High

76  Michael Kelly  6’2  285  OL  DL  Oakes

78  Jayden Gunville  6’3  265  OL  DL  Des Lacs/Burlington

80  Grady Bresnahan  5’8  165  WR  DB  Central Cass

82  Adam Geiger  6’4  200  WR  S  Bismarck Century

84  Tyler Evenson  6’2  210  DE  TE  West Fargo Sheyenne