3 holiday crafts families can make together

Metro News Service
Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Decorating for the holidays can be made even more special when decorations are handmade creations families can cherish for years to come. Holiday crafting is an enjoyable way to pass some time and create lasting holiday traditions and memories. The following are some crafts families can make together.

Personalized elf

For families who want to make their own personalized elf dolls, all it takes is a little computer knowledge, some clever photo work and a some sewing skills. Find a template for a rag doll sewing pattern or an illustration of an elf online. Superimpose an image of your child’s face on the template in a photo editing program. Print out the entire image onto iron-on fabric transfer paper. Iron it on to a lightcolored piece of fabric from the craft store according to the product directions. Cut out the fabric with ironed-on decal, leaving about a one-inch margin to allow for sewing and eventual stuffing. Duplicate the shape of the doll onto another piece of fabric to make the back of the elf doll. Place the front elf image face down on the back piece of fabric and sew the edges together, leaving a small opening at the end. Using that opening, flip the elf right-side out and stuff with pillow fill material. Sew the small opening closed and enjoy a personalized elf doll for the holidays.

Holiday candle

This craft is attractive and also smells good. Gather one bar of fragrant soap (like Irish spring); a small, white washcloth; red and green ribbon; a round of colorful mesh or tulle fabric measuring roughly 12 inches or enough to wrap your bar of soap; craft glue; a piece of yellow felt cut to look like a flame; and one or two sewing pins. Roll the washcloth into a cylinder shape to serve as the “wick” of the candle. Glue the edges together and wrap a piece of ribbon diagonally around the wick and adhere to secure even further. Glue the felt flame to the top of the wick. Place the soap in the center of the round piece of fabric. Attach the wick vertically to the soap using the pins. Then gather the tops of the mesh fabric around the base of the wick and use another piece of ribbon to tie into a bow and secure the fabric to the wick base. The soap and pins should now be concealed. Place the “candle” out of direct sunlight and away from heat, preferably on a little dish so the soap will not damage any furniture.

Growth indicator ornament

Purchase a large glass or plastic Christmas tree ball. Select an acrylic paint in your color of choice and squirt some into a paper plate. Have a child dip his or her hand into the paint and then transfer the handprint to the ornament. Let dry and then attach a ribbon to hang on the tree. Through the years see how much children have grown from that little handprint.