Why don't we buckle?


Dear editor,

On November 25, the highway traffic fatalities in Montana reached a staggering 211 - that is 17 more than at this time a year ago. Why have we forgotten our basic fundamentals? Facts show that you are 95 percent safer when you are buckled in your seatbelt. Those are some good odds, right? And further data show that 75 percent of these fatalities were not buckled in. What is wrong with this scenario? 

We want our children safe, so we make sure that their child safety seats fit them, and are installed properly. We love our children and want them safe. Now what happens when you get in the vehicle and don’t buckle up?  During a crash you become the missile and can fly around the car, harming or even killing that child we so dearly love and want to keep safe. Or you could be thrown out the window and killed on impact. Remember, no one is safe unless each and every person is belted in. Why put other people at risk? These are facts, these things do happen; why wouldn’t you take that extra second to Buckle Up? 

So, during this Holiday Season and the New Year, let’s make an early resolution to wear our seat belt each and every time we ride or drive our car. Let’s see if next year we have 17 extra people at our holiday tables, instead of mourning the loss of our loved ones who left us way too early because they didn’t Buckle Up. 

 This year, give the gift of life by making sure you always Buckle Up, each and every trip.

May each and every one of you have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season.

Eileen Reddick

Buckle Up Montana Coordinator

Miles City