Time to look in the mirror


Dear editor,

I'm so tired of hearing “let's fire the coach!” First and foremost, the people who are screaming the loudest have never heard of Dr. Naismith, they've never coached before, and most certainly can't critique a coach, and or their decisions.

Since when did it become OK to let your kid quit anything? I've worked at my current employer for 7 years. Do you think I like every decision my “Coach/Boss” makes? Of course not, but I don't get to quit, and have my family rush to the office or, better yet, start calling co-workers' families to get them “On board” with firing the coach/boss.

Some days are tough; it's called the real world, and in Miles City we need to do a better job as adults of making sports just that, The Real World.

Let's quit playing for participation awards in 5th and 6th grade; we don't need to pull out the leading scorer, and penalize a kid for being the best. Why would we ever want to teach a kid that? How about we teach the other kids to play, and work harder, to be that leading scorer.

When kids get to junior high, we can't worry about making everyone happy (and Mom and Dad, that means you, too). We need to develop a Basketball Program that starts in junior high. Let's run the offense that the varsity is running, let's let volunteers coach if they have more skill and ability than a teacher in the district. Let's teach our kids that life isn't always fair. We need to start “playing for keeps,” people. And it starts with the parents.

This is where the mirror comes in! Are you preparing your child for the real world by letting them quit because they don't like the coach? Or they don't get enough shots in a game or, heaven forbid, our coach wants us to look like a team. Parents, your kid is not bigger or better than the WHOLE. Team means just that, a group of people coming together for the good of a common cause. News flash: Parents, you are part of that TEAM. ACT LIKE IT!!!!

Do you think there are kids and parents in Glendive or Billings Central worried about how many shots each kid gets, or how many minutes each kid plays? Nope, they are worried about WINNING as a TEAM.

This is a special time of your kid's life; STOP ruining it by blaming EVERY FAILURE on their coach. We all make mistakes, but you need to look in the mirror, and ask yourself, as I part of this TEAM or not!

If you need a mirror (and those that do know who they are), I have plenty, and I would love to give you one. Along with a volunteer coaching application, and a 10-question quiz about the game of basketball.

Kevin Wilcox

Miles City