Stop the hypocrisy


Dear editor,

I am writing this letter in regards to all of the hypocritical citizens that are fighting against the rezoning of the Diamond J Construction property south of town. 

I would first like to start with Miss Todoroff. I can’t quite figure out her complaint with the project, because she currently has her property listed with a local realtor for an astronomical price of $1.4 million, and it clearly states that the property has the potential to be zoned commercial. It seems to me that it is a bit overpriced for land zoned agricultural and would be pretty hard to pay for in that manner. I can see her angle of not getting it rezoned because it would raise her taxes substantially, but $16,000/acre is not the price of agricultural land. 

Next I would like to know how the Pyle family could oppose the project when they have been running a construction company on the adjacent land for decades. They have been allowed to run their business out of there for generations without anyone throwing a fit about it. It seems odd to me that what they have done and are doing is OK, but Mr. Peila is trying to do it and they condemn him.

With all due respect to Mr. and Mrs. Oftedal, I can’t side with their complaint because it doesn’t affect them in the least. They have a very, very nice place that they have built over time, but I can promise you that the view they currently have north of the Diamond J property on their way into town is far worse than the one they will have of the state-of-the art building that Mr. Peila will be building. 

I would like to thank David Corbin for having the intestinal fortitude to speak in favor of the rezoning of the property, as he made some very valid points about how hypocritical others in town are being as well. 

Mr. Peila isn’t perfect and I have never heard him claim to be. He is only trying to expand his business and keep up with area demands for his industry. He currently employs around 50 people, and spends all of the money he can at LOCAL businesses. He also spends a ton of money sponsoring local events like 4-H, Relay for Life, Stockgrowers, Bucking Horse Sale, and many different youth sports in the community. I am sure I have missed several events that Diamond J has sponsored. 

In closing, I would hope that the folks that are in charge of the rezoning would be realistic and allow the land to be rezoned so that it could be used for something that will benefit the community for years to come. I would also like to wish Mr. Peila and the rest of the hard-working employees at Diamond J Construction a speedy resolution to this nonsense and the best of luck in the future.


Howard Shawver

Miles City