Proud to serve you


Dear editor,  I thought I would write this letter to let the people of Miles City and Custer County know some of what Miles City Fire and Rescue does for them. We have 14 full-time employees who staff the fire station 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with 3 people at all times to respond to emergency calls from you. 

We respond in the City and all of Custer County for all ambulance calls with an advanced life support crew, we respond (along with Custer County Fire) to all motor vehicle crashes in Miles City and Custer County with the ambulance and a rescue unit with the Jaws of Life; we respond to all hazardous material mishap calls in the city limits; all technical rescue calls in the city and county; along with all structure fires in the city limits and in the county when mutual aid is requested. 

In 2013 Miles City Fire and Rescue responded to 63 car wrecks, 937 ambulance calls, 91 fire calls and 366 various other emergency or public assist calls, totaling 1,457 calls for service. This is an increase from around 875 calls in 2005, or 40 percent. 

We do this with great pride and honor for our community and its citizens. 

If anyone would like to learn more, please stop by your Fire Department at 2800 Main Street or call 234-2235.

Thank You for letting us serve you.

Captain Cameron Duffin

Miles City Fire and Rescue