More than lip service for pipeline


Dear editor,

Do elections alone serve as the driving force in what can be accomplished in Washington these days? Resource-wealthy Montana deserves more than lip service when it comes to creating jobs in our state. Truth is, it seems like this next election is getting in the way.

President Obama just delayed the Keystone XL pipeline yet again and cost Montanans hundreds of good-paying jobs in the process. Main Stream Media will inform you that this decision was purely political, but open your eyes, Montana. This is an attempt to give cover to shaky members of the Democrat party.

The worst part is that the decision cannot be based on anything other than politics, given that the House has voted overwhelmingly 241-175 in support of the pipeline, and similar efforts have more than 60 votes in the Senate. Unfortunate. Bipartisan effort is held up by special interest "environmental" groups that line the pockets of too many elected officials.

But Washington and our Congress are not all negative. I wish to compliment Representative Steve Daines. He actively pushes back against these obstructionists and  supports the Keystone XL pipeline along with the hundreds of jobs it will bring to Montana.


Pat Plowman

Boyd, MT