MCYBA announces changes, signups


The Miles City Youth Baseball Association is in the midst of making changes to its program, with the basis to still provide outstanding baseball for the youth of Miles City and eastern Montana.

Among the changes under new MCYBA president, and Mavericks head coach, Jeff Brabant, is streamlining the bylaws and budgets and cleaning up the regular-season draft and all-star team procedures.

Perhaps the biggest change in the MCYBA is removing all language concerning wood bats.

Following the death of former Mavericks pitcher Brandon Patch in 2003, the Mavericks and MCYBA have had provisions for using wood bats, rather than metal bats. 

Thanks in large part to lawsuits stemming from Patch’s death, and others in recent years, there have been drastic changes and regulations concerning metal bats, nationally. 

With that, the MCYBA will no longer have any rules in their bylaws concerning the use of wood bats.

Also, with changes to their budgets, MCYBA is looking toward major facility improvements, most notably to Connors Stadium. Brabant noted that the press box and overhang on the baseball side and the infield are in dire need of improvements. They are also working toward building an indoor facility that will be used by teams and players throughout the MCYBA.

Brabant also announced signups for all of the MCYBA divisions. Signups will be held February 25-26 and March 25-26 from 6-8 p.m., in Room 106 at Miles Community College. Signup sheets will be sent to the schools and can be picked up at signups. Birth certificates will be needed for those who will be playing in the MCYBA for the first time.

There are six divisions in MCYBA. For t-ball (ages 5-6), coach pitch (7-8), minors (9-10), majors (11-12) and Babe Ruth (13-15), the ages are determined by the player’s age as of April 30. For American Legion (19-U), it will be their age as of January 1.

Registration fees for t-ball through majors is $25, Babe Ruth is $50 and the Mavericks is $100.

The majors and minors will do their skills assessment on April 5, and Babe Ruth and the Mavericks will be announced later.