Local gov't study question to be on ballot

Updated story

Custer County voters will be asked on the June 3 primary ballot to approve funding not to exceed two mills to fund a five-member board to study local government.

County commissioners passed a resolution this week calling for an election on a local government review, which must be on the ballot every 10 years. The city also will pose the question to voters.

Should the measure pass, members of the community will be recruited to serve on the board. Those members would be chosen in the General Election in November.

A county mill is valued at $16,920, so two mills would equal $33,840.

Other minor housekeeping matters dealt with by the commissioners this week included selecting D.A. Davidson to underwrite the bonds for the detention center project. Bids for the general contractor for that project will be opened on March 21. That is the same date when bids will be opened for environmental abatement and clean-up of the 1906 jail before its demolition and for cleanup of the Emergency Operating Center before remodeling begins there.

Monday, March 10 at 5 p.m. is the filing deadline for county offices. Filing for re-election are Linda Corbett, clerk and recorder; Douglas Ellingson, superintendent of rural schools; Tony Harbaugh, sheriff and coroner; Donald R. Neese, justice of the peace; and Wyatt Glade, county attorney.

Vicki Hamilton has re-filed for commissioner of District One, and Keith Holmlund has filed for re-election to his position in District Two.  

Jason Strouf has also filed for commissioner of District One.

Additionally, Katherine Sparks of Plevna has been hired as deputy county attorney.