Kitten stows away under hood

Arthur the cat gets to be the center of attention as Phyllis Landa and her great-nieces Alivia (center) and Ava, gather around him. Arthur was a stowaway in the engine compartment of a Ford Explorer when the three came to Miles City Thursday. (Star photo by Elaine Forman)


When Phyllis Landa and her two great-nieces Alivia Landa, 7, and Ava Landa, 5, came to town Thursday afternoon, they found the girls’ cat had stolen a ride in the engine compartment for more than 100 miles.

Phyllis said Arthur rode quietly from a ranch south of Boyes to Miles City, even over very bumpy dirt roads. Phyllis stopped to fill up the Ford Explorer at a gas station here, and when she began to drive away, she and the girls heard meowing. 

When Phyllis opened the hood, they saw the orange tabby kitten walking across the engine, calm and uninjured. Ava immediately picked him up.

The young cat is a few months old.

The girls came to visit their grandmother, Vida Landa of Miles City, and to go to the Eastern Montana Fair.

Vida said Arthur is an outdoor ranch cat, “so he is quite adventurous....Apparently nothing phases this cat.”

Alivia and Ava both say Arthur is crazy.

Arthur likes being around the girls and doesn’t like to be ignored.

Phyllis said when the girls play kickball, Arthur runs to a base and waits for the girls to come around to his base.

They had said goodbye to him before they got in the Explorer for the ride to Miles City Thursday - or so they thought.

After Arthur’s long journey, the outside cat got to be a guest inside Vida’s home until the ride back to the ranch.

On the way home, Arthur will ride in a cat carrier, so he won’t pull any more surprises.