Hypocritical on zoning


Dear editor,

I find it very hypocritical that Miles City has some objections to rezoning property just south of town for a construction business. It seems they are worried about what it will look like and, if it got to be an eyesore, what that would do to the first impression one gets from Miles City.  How about enforcing the zoning that already exists first?  

North Haynes Avenue and a block either way of it is a pus pocket. It has many homes that folks have done a real good job of fixing up, etc.  However, so-called construction companies and backyard UNZONED scrapyards have created an eyesore and an environmental disaster zone.  

I have tried many times to get the county to enforce these rules. It sure seems to me that the city, zoning, county whoever is not too worried about that "First Impression." North Haynes Avenue gets swept once a year. The outfit that does it leaves more than it picks up. 

I would caution the residents that live in the area of the Tatro Street project. If it isn't taken care of any better than what North Haynes Avenue looks like after it was rebuilt, you might be better off now.

 There are areas like this all over town and just outside of it in the so-called Zoning Donut. Areas that have needed zoning enforcement and cleaning up for years and decades. 

Why pick on this guy when he is trying to get something done and create progress when the rest of you just bluster and suck off the taxes we paid and enforcer absolutely nothing on this subject?

David Corbin

Miles City