Grant zoning change


Dear editor,

I am writing in support of Diamond J Construction gaining the appropriate commercial zoning south of town. There is no reason why a company with roots in Miles City should not be able to expand. It is a legitimate misunderstanding that such property would not need commercial zoning, due to its placement out of city limits.  

Mr. Peila went through all of the other known channels for his permitting, so it is unfair to accuse him of building without having the proper paperwork in place. Diamond J Construction is a business that has taken off and currently employs between forty and fifty people; as it expands, it will continue to hire more people, which is nothing but positive for our community.  

It seems rather hypocritical that other similar construction companies such as Oftedal Construction and Pyle Construction are arguing against the expansion of a similar company, when they themselves have made a living in this area.  Bill Oftedal writes that it’s all about money for Mr. Peila, but keep in mind, Mr. Oftedal and others with similar beliefs, that John Peila donates a lot of his hard-earned money right back into our community throughout the year to various charities, fundraisers, projects, etc.

I understand the concerns of people with agricultural roots in the area, but the reality is there has to be a way for other people to make their living too. Miles City is moving south as one can easily note by other commercial properties next door: John Deere, RMC, Bobcat of Miles City, Rolling Rubber, Horizon Storage, etc. There are only a few directions in which businesses can expand, so why limit one man who is trying to do only as others have done?  

Also, it will increase the tax base for Miles City, which also brings more money to our community.  So, although Mr. Peila may be seeking for his company to expand and bring in more revenue, it benefits all of Miles City in another way. Therefore, the community should reach out and embrace its entrepreneurs rather than push them away. Give John Peila of Diamond J Construction the commercial zoning he is requesting.


Sarah Boucher

Miles City Resident