Giving spirit spreads


When the Custer County Food Bank asked the community for help over the holiday season, the Miles Community College service group, Phi Theta Kappa, answered the call and organized a food drive across campus. When they delivered their bounty to the Food Bank, the students had collected 177 pounds of food and $100 to help meet Thanksgiving needs at the Food Bank. To help out the cause, the PTK members also added another $100 to the donation.

With Christmas drawing near, members of PTK felt the need to do something for the Food Bank again. Between studying for finals, taking exams and preparing to go home for the holidays, they felt too pressed to organize another food drive properly, so one student asked if he could donate the remaining money in his cafeteria meal plan. 

To help the students avoid having to carry around money all the time, the cafeteria has a plan where you deposit funds at the start of the semester, then the money for  meals is deducted from your account. This student wanted to donate the money remaining in his account to the Food Bank. The cafeteria said not only could the money be donated, but MCC would use its discount buying power to buy the food to be donated. As word spread among the students, the donation quickly soared to over $2,000.

As the cafeteria staff was working out the details for the donation, they felt the warm generous hearts they had been feeding all semester and added extra turkeys, hams and other frozen meats they had left over to the food they were ordering for the donation.

With the students at Miles Community College taking a few minutes out of their busy schedules to think of and help others, they spread the benefits and the Christmas spirit around. The students rediscovered the meaning behind the holidays, the Food Bank got the warmth that comes from helping others, and the recipients learned that others care, and their families will enjoy this season with full stomachs.