Get through to teenagers


Dear editor,

Today I again read about the three teenagers near Great Falls who were hurt in a car crash. None of them was wearing seat belts. What is wrong with this? One is in serious condition in the hospital with head and chest injuries. I know teenagers don’t believe that it could happen to them. So  we as parents need to be the responsible ones. What must we do? I wish I knew the answer and could tell everyone what to do, but each parent has a different situation. 

Getting a teenager's attention is first and foremost. Do you have to take the keys? Do whatever to make sure your child comes home safely each night. A lot of good information is out there. Driver's Ed Classes always give the statistics, as well as the 25 Alive. So please take the time to talk to your kids, and other individuals who you know are not using seatbelts. We don’t need to lose anymore of our young people to highway deaths.

Eileen Reddick

Buckle Up Montana county coordinator