Daines doesn't get it


Dear editor,

Last fall I asked your readers “why freshman congressman Steven Daines considers himself senatorial material?” I answered my own question with, “Montana deserves better.” This was in response to his votes to allow financial institutions and private equity firms to cheat, defraud and swindle pensioners and other investors. His votes, among others, were to weaken protections against fraud, removal of regulations prohibiting conflicts of interest and reporting requirements that led to the financial disaster we suffered in 2008 at the end of the Bush administration.

Here’s more evidence of why Montanans, and this nation, deserve better than this guy. This week, on the heels of the West Virginia toxic waste spill into the Elk River, which directly affected 300,000 people in nine West Virginia counties, Steven Daines voted to lessen requirements on companies to carry insurance to pay for cleaning up their own toxic waste and to scale back the federal superfund law. [HR 2279] Has Daines forgotten the Montanans poisoned and killed by asbestos in the Libby area, or the superfund toxic sites in Butte [Berkley Pit] and on the Clark Fork River [Milltown Dam]?

Daines, with his insipid smile, masquerading as a populist, exhibits that he couldn’t care less if we suffer another financial disaster or if our citizens suffer long-term exposure to toxic substances that contaminate our air and drinking water, causing respiratory disease, cancer or reproductive disorders. Again, Montana deserves better.

Terry J. Hanson

Miles City