Cowboys win 5 titles, Cowgirls place 3rd in home meet


In an effort to make up for lost time early in the season, the Custer County District High School track and field teams hosted Sidney, Hardin, Glendive and Broadus in a small meet last Thursday at the Miles City Community Track.

The Cowboys finished fifth out of five teams with 102.5 points. Sidney won with 140, followed by Hardin with 125.5, Glendive with 123 and Broadus with 115.

While the Cowboys finished in fifth, they had the most individual champions out of the five schools. 

The Cowboys won five individual titles, led by junior thrower Beau Peaslee.

Peaslee swept all three of the throwing events. He won the shot put with a throw of 49’1”, the discus at 135’3” and the javelin at 171’7”. Teammate Cord Murray was second in the shot at 42’2” and was second in the discus at 129’2”. Riley Connely placed sixth in the javelin.

Austin Stradley won the 800 meter run in a fast time of 2:03.10, easily out-running Ashton Jones of Glendive.

Ben Herzog gave the Cowboys their other win, taking the 110 hurdles title in 15.91 seconds.

The Cowboys placed second in the 1600 meter relay and were fifth in the 400 meter relay.

Caleb Petross placed third in the long jump, Carson Barnosky was fourth in the 1600 meter run, Chris Austin placed fifth in the 400 meter run and Jon Killham and Mason Dinardi placed sixth in the high jump and pole vault, respectively.

On the girls side, the Cowgirls placed third with 124.25 points. Hardin was first with 156 and Sidney was second at 132.75. Broadus was fourth at 95.5 points and Glendive scored 76.5.

The Cowgirls had two individual winners, both coming in the jumps.

Junior Kadie Heinle won the high jump as the only girl to clear 5’0” in the meet. Sophomore Halie Warren won the long jump, just edging out teammate Hunter Doeden. Warren reached 15’6” and Doeden made it 15’3”. Warren was also fourth in the high jump.

In addition to those events, the Cowgirls had multiple placers in five other events.

Myhia Metzenberg was third and Britnee Peaslee was sixth in the 400 meter run, Olivia Blunt and Laina Railser were fourth and fifth, respectively in the 800 meters, Faith Martin and Megan Brence were fifth and sixth, respectively in the 100 meter hurdles, FIona Mott and Martin placed fourth and fifth in the 300 hurdles and Brence and Mott were fifth and sixth in the triple jump.

Amanda Letke had a good meet in the throws, placing in all three events. She was third in the discus and fourth in both the shot put and javelin.

Jaylen Henderson was third in the 100 meter dash, Raisler added a sixth place finish in the 1600 meter run and Grace Cadenas was sixth in the pole vault.

The CCDHS track teams are in Dickinson today.


Miles City Quad

at Miles City Community Track


Team- Sidney 140, Hardin 125.5, Glendive 123, Broadus 115, Miles City 102.5

100 Meters- Kris Noble, Broadus, 11.35; Colter Bachmeier, Glendive, 11.53; Caleb Benson, Sidney, 11.62; B. Broadus, 11.72; Stephen Not Afraid, Hardin, 11.96; Tai Sokoloski, Glendive, 12.06.

200 Meters- Caleb Benson, Sidney, 23.21; B. Burly, Broadus, 24.01; Seth Bayles, Broadus, 24.19; Stephen Not Afraid, Hardin, 24.91; Logan Theil, Sidney, 25.25; Isaac Mendez, Hardin, 25.34.

400 Meters- Stephen Not Afraid, Hardin, 55.04; Tyler Quilling, Sidney, 55.62; Elisha Deputy, Hardin, 55.65; Tristan Hillgate, Glendive; Chris Austin, Miles City, 56.30; Trace Jones, Sidney, 56.74.

800 Meters- Austin Stradley, Miles City, 2:03.10; Ashton Jones, Glendive, 2:09.82; Stefan Siehofster, Glendive, 2:11.60; Caleb Ware, Hardin, 2:14.34; Mencer Fortner, Broadus, 2:20.33; Michael Libeatore, Glendive, 2:22.19.

1600 Meters- Ashton Jones, Glendive, 4:47.70; Delvin Walks, Hardin, 4:56.71; Carter Lynch, Broadus, 4:59.59; Carson Barnosky, Miles City, 5:00.42; Caleb Ware, Hardin, 5:04.54; Zach Summerfield, Sidney, 5:18.07.

3200 Meters- Delvin Walks, Hardin, 10:47.60; Oliver Wallace, Hardin, 11:20.02; Carter Lynch, Broadus, 11:23.41; Kolte Kopp, Glendive, 11:24.45; Zach Summerfield, Sidney, 11:36.97; Christian Aingelony, Sidney, 11:50.44.

110 Hurdles- Ben Herzog, Miles City, 15.91; Jason Lundberg, Hardin, 16.33; Kris Noble, Hardin, 16.84; Tanner Schwartz, Glendive, 17.21; Christian Aingelony, Sidney, 18.34; Chris Scarber, Broadus, 18.55.

300 Hurdles- Jason Lundberg, Hardin, 42.41; Tanner Schwartz, Glendive, 43.86; Colin Moran, Sidney, 45.11; Carl Johnson, Hardin, 45.62; Cliff Scarter, Broadus, 46.44; Delvin Walks, Hardin, 47.89.

400 Relay- Broadus, 44.71; Glendive, 45.28; Hardin, 46.10; Sidney, 46.37; Miles City, 46.80.

1600 Relay- Sidney, 3:38.03; Miles City, 3:38.40; Glendive, 3:40.70; Broadus, 3:45.07; Hardin, 3:45.96.

High Jump- B. Burly, Broadus, 5’10”; Collin Moran, Sidney, 5’8”; Dillon Silvernale, Glendive 5’6”; Zion Red Star, Hardin, 5’6”; James Rohner, Sidney, 5’4”; Jon Killham, Miles City, 5’4”.

Pole Vault- Taylor Schwartz, Glendive, 13’6”; Logan Theil, Sidney, 13’0”; Kacen French, Glendive, 11’6”; Tel Hermanson, Sidney, 11’6”; Mason Theil, Sidney, 11’0”; Mason Dinardi, Miles City, 10’6”.

Long Jump- Taylor Schwartz, Glendive, 19’10”; Logan West, Broadus, 19’0”; Caleb Petross, Miles City, 18’10”; Carl Johnson, Hardin, 18’8”; Tyler Quilling, Sidney, 18’3”; Chisum Lee, Sidney, 18’2”.

Triple Jump- Tyler Quilling, Sidney, 40’2”; Tanner Schwartz, Glendive, 39’10”; Beau Ackerman, Glendive, 38’5”; Brady Bell, Sidney, 38’1”; Logan West, Broadus, 37’8”; Andrew Gaskill, Broadus, 36’11”.

Shot Put- Beau Peaslee, Miles City, 49’1”; Cord Murray, Miles City, 42’2”; Kordell Cummings, Hardin, 41’11”; Lee Turnbow, Broadus, 41’1”; Dillon Wall, Broadus, 40’2”; Ben Steinbeisser, Sidney, 39’7”.

Discus- Beau Peaslee, Miles City, 135’3”; Cord Murray, Miles City, 129’2”; Hunter Sieverson, Sidney, 115’6”; Jay Randle, Broadus, 104’9”; Kordell Cummings, Hardin, 98’4”; Chase Knoll, Glendive, 95’3”.

Javelin- Beau Peaslee, Miles City, 171’7”; Caleb Benson, Sidney, 160’10”; Chris Gardner, Sidney, 136’10”; Dillon Wall, Broadus, 135’7”; Lee Turnbow, Broadus, 133’3”; Riley Connely, Miles City, 125’11”.


Team- Hardin 156, Sidney 132.75, Miles City 124.25, Broadus 95.5, Glendive 76.5

100 Meters- Lexi Prevost, Sidney, 13.69; Taylor Price, Broadus, 13.89; Jaylen Henderson, Miles City, 13.95; Erin Butkay, Hardin, 14.29; Drew-Ann Gatlin, Broadus, 14.44; Kendra Zander, Glendive.

200 Meters- Kendra Zander, Glendive, 29.52; Sara Early, Broadus, 30.23; Kenna Cooly, Sidney; Maddison Collins, Broadus, 31.25; Cheyenne Fisher, Glendive, 33.35; Cayla Norby, Sidney, 34.50.

400 Meters- Kendra Zander, Glendive, 1:04.56; Carly Mays, Hardin; Myiah Metzenberg, Miles City, 1:05.66; Sage Collins, Broadus, 1:06.10; Sara Early, Broadus, 1:08.90; Britnee Peaslee, Miles City, 1:10.84.

800 Meters- Austin Kopp, GLendive, 2:38.33; Taylee Evans, Hardin, 2:46.81; Alyssa Riley, Broadus, 2:49.61; Olivia Blunt, Miles City, 2:51.12; Laina Raisler, Miles City, 2:55.78; Sadie Carbajal, Glendive, 2:56.10.

1600 Meters- Austin Kopp, Glendive, 5:39.30; Jael Birdinground, Hardin, 6:01.10; Tess Ler, Sidney, 6:03.80; Mei-li Stevens, Hardin; Alyssa Riley, Broadus, 6:19.10; Laina Raisler, Miles City, 6:26.20.

3200 Meters- Jael Birdinground, Hardin, 13:02.33; Tess Ler, Sidney, 13:15.31; Me-li Stevens, Hardin, 14:29.42; Carly Mays, Hardin, 14:56.60; Lydia Lynch, Broadus, 15:57.50.

100 Hurdles- Lexi Prevost, Sidney, 17.22; Carlee Svenvold, Glendive, 17.31; Kayla Jefferson, Hardin, 17.81; Kayla Jefferson, Hardin, 17.81; Faith Martin, Miles City, 18.11; Megan Brence, Miles City, 18.44.

300 Hurdles- Lexi Prevost, Sidney, 48.80; Kayla Jefferson, Hardin, 52.23; Carlee Svenvold, Glendive, 53.10; Fiona Mott, Miles City, 53.58; Faith Martin, Miles City, 53.68; Madison Chavez, Hardin, 55.35.

400 Relay- Broadus, 53.57; Miles City, 53.97; Sidney, 54.64.

1600 Relay- Hardin, 4:33.30; Miles City, 4:35.40; Broadus, 4:48.80.

High Jump- Kadie Heinle, Miles City, 5’0”; Maddison Collins, Broadus, 4’10”; Sage Collins, Broadus, 4’10”; Halie Warren, Miles City, 4’10”; Sheridan Sundheim, SIdney, 4’10”; Erin Butkay, Hardin, 4’6”.

Pole Vault- Aubrie Koessel, Sidney, 10’3”; Erin Harris, Sidney, 10’3”; Lexi Prevost, Sidney, 10’0”; Tea Knutson, Glendive, 8’0”; Cheyenne Fisher, Glendive, 6’0”; Grace Cadenas, Miles City, 6’0”.

Long Jump- Haile Warren, Miles City, 15’6”; Hunter Doeden, Miles City, 15’3”; Maddison Collins, Broadus, 14’9”; Anna Old Crow, Hardin, 14’3”; Sheridan Sundheim, SIdney, 14’2”; Allyssa Lund, Hardin, 14’0”.

Triple Jump- Taylor Price, Broadus, 33’3”; Anna Old Crow, Hardin, 31’0”; Sheridan Sundheim, Sidney, 30’9”; Allyssa Lund, Hardin, 30’1”; Megan Brence, Miles City, 30’0”; Fiona Mott, Miles City, 29’9”.

Shot Put- Bethany Rides Horse, Hardin, 38’3”; K. Mason, Hardin, 36’11”; Daryn Wolff, Sidney, 33’3”; Amanda Letke, Miles City, 32’1”; Taylor Price, Broadus, 30’8”; Shaylee Shrinaring, Hardin, 29’5”.

Discus- Bethany Rides Horse, Hardin, 114’3”; Daryn Wolff, Sidney, 111’5”; Amanda Letke, Miles City, 91’8”; Danielle Steinley, Sidney, 85’9”; Linsey Ceynar, Glendive, 82’0”; Shaylee Shrinaring, Hardin, 80’8”.

Javelin- Bethany Rides Horse, Hardin, 138’7”; Erin Harris, Sidney, 128’10”; Anna Old Crow, Hardin, 108’6”; Amanda Letke, Miles City, 103’1”; Haylee Steinbeisser, Sidney, 101’4”; Daryn Wolff, Sidney, 94’9”.