Cowboy grapplers compete at Class A Duals

3 seniors to be honored at duals


The Custer County District High School Cowboy wrestling team took part in the Class A Duals over the weekend in Lewistown.

The Cowboys wrestled five duals on the weekend, losing to Lewistown 45-30, Dillon 66-12, Belgrade 72-12 and Havre 82-6. They did earn a dual win against Livingston, 42-33.

The Cowboys will be at home tomorrow night, hosting duals against Billings Central and Laurel. Action gets started at 5 p.m. 

Outside of wins by forfeits, the Cowboys won just three matches in Lewistown.

Against Lewistown, sophomore Josh Sundgren earned a pin at 160 pounds. Sundgren also pinned J. Laux of Havre at the 1:59 mark in their bout at 160 pounds.

Sophomore Torrey Watts earned the only other win on the weekend, pinning C. Buckmaster of Dillon at the 55-second mark at 132 pounds.

In their win over Livingston, the Cowboys earned all 42 points by forfeit. Only four of 15 possible matches were wrestled in the dual.

Following Tuesday's duals, the Cowboys will be at the Hardin Tournament on Saturday and will be at the Eastern A Divisional Tournament on February 8.

Three Custer County District High School seniors will be honored tomorrow night at the Cowboys duals against Laurel and Billings Central.

Katie Funkhouser

Katie is the daughter of Nadine Ocker. She has been a Cowboy manager for this season. Her other activities at CCDHS include Matadors, Dance Team and cheerleading. Her other interests include reading, shopping and Netflix. Upon graduation, Katie will attend Dickinson State University.

Hailey Kope

Hailey is the daughter of Carol Hirsch. This was her first season as Cowboy manager. Her other activities at CCDHS include Dance Team, Matadors and cheerleading. Upon graduation, Hailey will attend Miles Community College.

Sergio Salcido

Sergio is the son of Judith and Sergio Salcido. This is Sergio's first year on the Cowboy wrestling team. His other interests include soccer and boxing. Upon graduation, Sergio plans to go to college in San Diego to study to be a doctor.

Lewistown 45, Miles City 30

98- K. Krumweide, Lew, win by forfeit; 106- E. Schaff, MC, win by forfeit; 113- P. Negathon, MC, win by forfeit; 120- C. Landers, Lew, p., B. Blumhagen, :28; 126- H. Grover, Lew, p., H. Meged, :10; 132- B. Birdwell, Lew, def., T. Watts, 9-7; 138- open; 145- T. Kucera, Lew, p., W. Smith; 152- J. Moody, Lew, p., S. Salcido; 160-J. Sundgren, MC, p., A. Butcher; 170- D. Blythe, Lew, win by forfeit; 182- E. Blythe, Lew, p., L. Giovanetti, :51; 195- open; 220- C. Dickman, MC, win by forfeit; Hwt- A. Bradford, MC, win by forfeit.

Dillon 66, Miles City 12

98- open; 106- K. Starkel, Dil, p., E. Schaff, :49; 113- S. Peterson, Dil, p., P. Negethon, 1:15; 120- S. Stoddard, Dil, p., B. Blumhagen, 1:03; 126- B. nelson, Dil., p., H. Meged, 1:09; 132- T. Watts, MC, p., C. Buckmaster, :55; 138- J. Anderson, Dil, win by forfeit; 145- A. Olsen, Dil., p., W. Smith, 1:22; 152- P. Griffin, Dil, p., S. Salcido, 1:11; 160- C. Zimmerman, Dil, p., J. Sundgren, 2:21; 170- open; 182- P. Vial, Dil, p., L. Giovanetti, 1:52; 195- P. Tezak, Dil, win by forfeit; 220- M. Wetherbe, Dil, p., C. Dickman, 3:55; 285- D. Hucke, Dil, p., A. Bradford, :34.

Belgrade 72, Miles City 12

98- B. Rockwell, Bel, win by forfeit; 106- S. Degen, Bel,, p., E. Schaff, 3:36; 113- P. Negethon, MC, win by forfeit; 120- S. Nobel, Bel, p., B. Blumhagen; 126- H. Meged, MC, win by forfeit; 132- J. Degen, Bel, p., T. Watts, 1:32; 138- open; 145- L. Degen, Bel, p., W. Smith, 3:22; 152- N. Criner, Bel, win by forfeit; 160- K. Pickle, Bel, p.,, J. Sundgren, :43; 170- G. Blewett, Bel, win by forfeit; 182- R. Cunningham, Bel, p., L. Giovanetti, 2:38; 195- J. Bryant, Bel, win by forfeit; 220- B. Blumenschein, Bel, p., C. Dickman, :36; Hwt- J. Murillo, Bel, p., A. Bradford.

Miles City 42, Livingston 33

98- open. 106- E. Shaff, MC, win by forfeit; 113- P. Negathon, MC, win by forfeit; 120- B. Blumhagen, MC, win by forfeit; 126- H. Meged, MC, win by forfeit; 132- T. Watts, MC, win by forfeit; 138- Q. Dirette, Liv, win by forfeit; 145- B. Fitzgerald, Liv, p., W. Smith, :30; 152- C. Linville, Liv, p., S. Salcido; 160- J. Perimo, Liv, def., J. Sundgren, 7-6; 170- T. Shepardson, Liv, win by forfeit; 182- L. Giovanetti, MC, win by forfeit; 195- open; 220- C. Dickamn, MC, win by forfeit; Hwt- P. Townes, Liv, p., A. Bradford, 3:17.

Havre 82, MIles City 6

98- T. Munyan, Hav, win by forfeit; 103- K. Kennelly, Hav, p., E. Schaf, MC, :26; 113- L. Plenninger, Hav, p., P. Negathon, :33; 120- G. Brenna, Hav, t. fall, B. Blumhagen, 16-1; 126- D. Stewart, Hav, p., H. Meged, :22; 132- T. Gruber, Hav, p., T. Watts, 3:06; 138- G. Aageson, Hav, win by forfeit; 145- K. Prybil, Hav, p., W. Smith, :24; 152- J. Stakes, Hav, p., S. Salcido, 1:39; 160- J. Sundgren, MC, p., J. Laux, 1:59; 170- J. Williams, Hav, win by forfeit; 182- D. Odegard, Hav, win by forfeit; 195- J. Billy, Hav, win by forfeit; 220- T. Adams, Hav, ., C. Dickman, :32; Hwt- T. Adams, Hav, p., A. Bradford, :14.