City Hall hits 100 soon; planning begins


City Clerk Lorrie Pearce told the Miles City Council Tuesday night that she and the deputy clerk were beginning to plan a 100-year celebration of City Hall, set for Sept.12.

She said they are looking at dressing for the time period, having a barbershop quartet perform and bringing out the old fire truck.

In other news:

— Miles City Area Economic Development Executive Director Mike Coryell said several projects that have been in the works for four to five years are moving forward.

The Rural Improvement District No. 1’s sewer project is about a month ahead of schedule.

The East Valley Drive water project has been approved by the Department of Environmental Quality, and the bids will be opened July 30. Construction is expected to begin in mid-September.

The detention center “is right on target so far,” he said.

He added that there have been a lot of people involved in these projects.

— On behalf of the Fourth of July Committee, Councilman Mark Ahner personally wanted to thank the city, in particular the Public Works Department, Parks Department and the Police Department for their help with the holiday’s activities.

— Councilwoman Susanne Galbraith thanked Janelle Grant and Keep Miles City Beautiful Committee for their work in the community, including the Pine Hills Park.

— The council passed Ordinance No. 1273 (enacting “maintenance of public right of way”), Ordinance No. 1274 (enacting “refusal to submit to alcohol/drug breath and/or blood test), Resolution No. 3697 (amending last year’s final budget for the state’s payments on behalf of the retirement accounts and providing a hearing), Resolution No. 3700 (authorizing the Outlaw Baseball Club to place a concrete monument at Tedesco Field in honor of the Tedesco Family and sponsors of the field), first reading of Ordinance No. 1272 (requiring liability insurance in specified amounts before issuing a park use permit), Resolution No. 3678 (a memorandum of understanding  with Miles Community College for the use of equipment and facilities for student training and community and local government project completion), Resolution No. 3703 (a construction contract with Century Companies for paving in Maintenance District No. 204 and 205), Resolution No. 3704 (a construction contract with Century Companies for replacement of curb, gutter, sidewalks and ADA ramps at Triangle Park), Resolution No. 3705 (declaring the council’s intent to create a Miles City Downtown Urban Renewal District with tax increment authority and declaring the existence of blight within the Miles City Downtown Urban Renewal Area).