Changes in November


Dear editor,

It is evident that November will bring big changes. The Democratic Party has overreached and will be considerably reduced in size. They misjudged the intelligence of the American people who rarely care who is in office as long as they don’t steal more than they can carry.

Obamacare was a serious overstep. Shrewd Max Baucus was acutely aware his chances for re-election following his major part in designing Obamacare were none, zilch, nada. His assignment to China will result in serious problems if allowed to succeed as he is sure to mess that up as he did Obamacare. 

Perhaps the regime will learn following midterms. Let us hope the chosen successor is not Hillary. Even Bill could not control her. 

The legal profession will be acutely reduced in clout as more and more people realize that lawyers cause many problems and then resolve them after exacting exorbitant fees for doing so. Too many lawyers and not enough doctors! Too many politicians and not enough jails to hold them!

Dennis Scranton

Miles City