All 5 state championship gams and Cat-Griz? I'm in


It's without question the best weekend of football in the state of Montana. 

My colleague at the Billings Gazette, Slim Kimmell, wrote a column earlier this week talking about moving all five of the high school state championship games to one location over a heck of a weekend.

For a long time, I've been against that idea. I like the fact that games are played in a school's home town. It's a nice boost for the local economies and at least one team doesn't have to travel.

But the football fan in me kinda wants to see it happen.

Someone on Twitter (sorry, I can't remember who or else I'd give credit) mentioned playing the high school games at the same site as the Cat-Griz game. And wow, what a weekend that could be.

This could be the schedule. Friday night: 4:30 and 7:30. On Saturday, 10:30, 1:30, 4:30 and then to top it all off, the Cat-Griz game at 7:30 p.m. I would have the classes rotate through the time schedules every year, that way 6-man isn't forced to play at 10:30 a.m., every year. 

Obviously, this isn't going to happen over night and there are a ton of challenges to putting this on. But as Slim said, "if Wyoming can do it, so can we."

Onto the picks.

Glacier at Bozeman

They played a pretty close game (by Bozeman's standards) and as we've all seen, the second meeting is always closer. But Bozeman is just too good......Bozeman 31, Glacier 27

Dillon at Billings Central

Dillon is good. Real good. They beat Central earlier this season and Central doesn't have the best record in state championship games. But I'll take Holden Ryan and the Rams offense in this one.....Central 24, Dillon 21

Missoula Loyola at Baker

I'll be at this game, wandering the sidelines of one of the best fields in the state. As I mentioned in the previews, Baker is battle tested and the long bus trip for Loyola isn't going to help.....Baker 28, Loyola 26

Wibaux at Ennis

Looking at the Ennis team, they're impressive. Lots of different ways they can beat you. But I've had Wibaux ranked number one all season and I can't exactly jump off the band wagon now.....Wibaux 42, Ennis 38

Stanford-Geyser-Denton at Geraldine-Highwood

Shootout in 6-Man? Of course......Geraldine-Highwood 63, Stanford-Geyser-Denton 58

Montana at Montana State

I was standing in the bleachers of Bobcat Stadium last Saturday evening in a state of bewilderment and shock at the final play. A fifth-year senior quarterback, who has been the Big Sky Player of the Year the last two years, checked down to a running back in the middle of the field with 10 seconds left. I don't think he makes the same mistakes this week......Montana State 24, Montana 20

Baylor at Oklahoma State

I said it a couple weeks ago, but I'm going to say it again. This is where the BCS ride ends for Baylor.....Oklahoma State 41, Baylor 38

Arizona State at UCLA

Arizona State crept back into the rankings, but I think UCLA is a quietly good team.....UCLA 37, Arizona State 28

Texas A&M at LSU

Johnny Football avenges his loss to LSU and solidifies his Heisman bid.....Texas A&M 24, LSU 19

Missouri at Ole Miss

This Ole Miss team is going to be a force in the coming years. But, they're still one year away from being at the top of the SEC.....Missouri 28, Ole Miss 17

Carolina at Miami

A big win for Carolina last week over New England. And Miami is still a mess. I see Carolina overlooking this one.....Miami 17, Carolina 10

Minnesota at Green Bay

Without Aaron Rodgers, there's only one word for this game. Ugh......Minnesota 24, Green Bay 7

Dallas at New York Giants

Dear Lord, the Giants are going to win the NFC East.....New York 28, Dallas 27

Denver at New England

Is the Tom Brady Magic gone? We can only hope.....Denver 38, New England 28

San Francisco at Washington

Kaepernick!!! RGIII!!! I was never sold on Kaepernick (and his bicep kiss didn't help my perception) and RGIII should have never started the season. Either way, disappointing for both.....San Francisco 28, Washington 14

Last week: 11-4. Overall: 95-55.

Kelly Reid's picks: Bozeman, Dillon, Baker, Ennis, Stanford-Geyser-Denton; Montana, Baylor, UCLA, LSU, Missouri; Carolina, Green Bay, New York, Denver, San Francisco. Last week: 13-2. Overall: 109-41.

Tyler Chapmon's picks: Bozeman, Dillon, Baker, Ennis, Stanford-Geyser-Denton; Montana, Baylor, UCLA, LSU, Missouri; Carolina, Minnesota, Dallas, Denver, San Francisco. Last week: 11-4. Overall: 98-52.

Paul Rask's picks: Bozeman, Dillon, Baker, Wibaux, Geraldine-Highwood; Montana State, Baylor, UCLA, LSU, Missouri; Carolina, Green Bay, New York, Denver, San Francisco. Last week: 8-7. Overall: 97-53.

Ryan Watts' picks: Bozeman, Dillon, Baker, Wibaux, Stanford-Geyser-Denton; Montana State, Baylor, Arizona State, Texas A&M, Ole Miss; Carolina, Green Bay, Dallas, Denver, San Francisco. Last week: 10-5. Overall: 94-56.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Josh Samuelson is the Sports Editor of the Miles City Star.